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Our experience in a variety of industries has shown that history repeats itself. The composites industry is relatively young compared to traditional engineering materials such as metal, wood, and concrete. As a result, the knowledge database in the composites industry is relatively small.

Composite structures and processes often have many similarities from industry-to-industry, but frequently development lessons learned are not passed between industries. Manufacturing problem solving is expensive and can be a barrier to entry into the composites field, especially if you do not have in-house composites process experience. We have solved the same process problems in aerospace, medical, and sporting goods fields. The products were all completely different, but the processing problems exactly the same.

Many companies involved in new product development end up starting from scratch because they do not have in-house expertise to guide them through the maze. We can help you short cut your development without starting from ground zero.

The aerospace industry is an amazing place to learn about process, quality, and performance. High performance sporting goods materials and process technologies have evolved to where 80-90% of aerospace performance is achieved for 10-20% of the cost. These low cost, high speed technologies are now being embraced by the aerospace industries as global competition forces cost reductions.

As new industries and applications evolve, let us help you optimize your products cost and performance by taking advantage of our design and process development experience.