Tool Design and Fabrication

Tool design and fabrication are critical steps in composite process development. We design all of our tooling in house.

Most tools are fabricated on site, and we have long-standing proprietary relationships with tooling houses that specialize in large format molds. Thermoset prepreg, RTM, Thermoplastic each resin system processes differently and tool designs need to accommodate their subtle nuances to achieve good consolidation, surface cosmetics, and fiber straightness.

From the most modern high speed CNC tooling techniques to old school pattern shop techniques, we have the hands-on knowledge and skill to fabricate prototype and production tooling in house. We are experienced with hard and soft tools.

We regularly utilize the following materials in our tooling shop:

  • Aluminum tooling plate
  • Mild and heat treated steels
  • Aluminum filled epoxy
  • Cast silicones and urethanes
  • Sheet silicone
  • Engineering Foams and Plastics

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