History and Our Future

This our 12th year in business, with over 30 years experience in the composites industry, we have designed product, processes, and factories all over the world.

We started out as an R&D and prototyping company, and have added manufacturing capabilities over the last 24 months. Our manufacturing expertise is in low to medium volume, complex composite structures in the 50-1000 parts per month range. Our processes are integral to products in the unmanned aircraft, medical, sports, footwear, and firearms industries.

We would like to thank all of our sports and recreation clients we have had a chance to meet and work with over the last 12 years. Moving forward, we are focusing our resources on unmanned flight vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, and integrated structures. We welcome clients who value collaborative thinking and problem solving, who are interested in integrating their products in to lightweight, durable structures.

Our ideal clients are sensor manufacturers, and other high technology providers that are looking for a company that can take the mystery out of composites for them.  Our preferred clients are experts in their industry who would like to partner with us for our history and expertise in composites.