Structural Analysis

With nearly 30 years in the composites industry, we have extensive experience in predicting structural performance and verifying it in laboratory and field testing.

Triangulation:  In composite new product development, theory and reality don’t always initially line up. Rather than adopting a build and break approach to structural development, we have a full arsenal of predictive front end tools:

  • Proprietary closed form calculations for monolithic and sandwich structures
  • Composite laminate theory calculators
  • NEi NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis software

Once prototypes are fabricated, laboratory and field tests are performed to ensure static and fatigue performance meet industry and customer standards. Optimizing product performance requires experience. We understand how to evaluate test specimens to modify process or laminate schedule to qualify first articles for production.

We also have decades of experience in failure mode analysis – determining if warranty returned or field failed product have process or laminate design deficiencies.  We have provided these services for the aerospace, industrial, and sports industries in the USA and overseas.

If your products are not passing structural testing, we can help optimize the process and structure so they will.

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