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Bladder Molding


mandrel-bikeframe-cadThin walled, hollow, complicated parts – we love them. Bicycle frames, baseball bats, hockey and lacrosse shafts, wings, battery cases, violin bows to name a few.

Our bladder molded products all have 3-dimensional bladders and our PLC pressure controls in common to yield extremely tight tolerances in wall thickness, weight, surface cosmetics, and performance.

mandrel-bikeframe-realWe focus on net shaped preforms that are 90-95% of the finished product’s geometry when it is placed into the tool. Our tool design and process equipment yield parts that come out of the mold requiring little or no finishing prior to paint.

We are well versed in prepreg structures and have developed a hybridized RTM and bladder molding process to create very high performance, low cost structures. In-house fabrication of silicone and latex bladders as well as CNC and soft tooling fabrication makes for fast, cost effective product development turnaround.