Every project starts with an idea and sometimes the proverbial napkin sketch. For a project to evolve through the design and quotation process, 3-dimensional computer aided design (3D CAD) is where it starts.

We are used to dealing with clients that have fully established 3D solid models and engineering drawings and others with nothing more than an idea. We utilize Kubotek KeyCreator and Solidworks CAD and can interface with virtually any surface or solid model input.

Once a product is designed, we can then evaluate:

  • Stiffness, strength, deflection
  • Volume/ weight
  • Laminate construction
  • Process
  • Preliminary cost estimates
  • Tool design


We have designed and fabricated hundreds of products; let us help with yours. We run MasterCAM for all of our CNC tool fabrication.


interior_content_cad_drawing interior_content_cad_product