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Donna Blotteaux

VP Manufacturing and Quality

Donna Blotteaux is co-owner, VP of Manufacturing and Quality for TCE; she is responsible for business operations as well as an experienced composites technician. Donna’s background in accounting and payroll allows her to handle all day-to-day business operations as well as dealing with project planning, scheduling, customer and vendor communications.

Her extensive skills:

  • Process experience
    • VARTM
    • Prepreg
    • RTM Processes
  • Model making and pattern work
    • Clay
    • Silicones
    • Urethanes to create to molds and prototype parts

Donna is our go to person for technology transfer and training of new technicians. Her attention to detail on business operations and part fabrication alike has allowed TCE to grow and evolve over the years. Native to England, Donna has been in the US since 1991 and a US citizen since 2002.