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Ray Blotteaux – President

Ray Blotteaux is the owner and President of Transition Composites Engineering (TCE). Founded in 2007, TCE is a veteran owned small business located in Bellingham, WA.

Mr. Blotteaux has 27+ years of composite product development and manufacturing experience in the US, Mexico, Asia, Canada, and Europe.

Ray has a unique combination of analytical and hand’s on skills. He is intimate with all of the steps required to take a new idea for a composite product from concept to mass production.

From a single prototype, to factories fabricating 30,000 pieces per month, Mr. Blotteaux’s experience runs deep.

Ray has product and process development experience in the following industries:


  • Primary structures
  • Flight controls
  • Flight test engineering
  • Crash damage and battle damage repair

Sporting Goods:

  • Hockey development for Reebok, CCM, Koho
  • Bicycle frames for Trek Bicycle
  • Baseball and lacrosse


  • Thermoplastic orthotics and thermoset prosthetics processes
  • Bone models
  • Device prototypes


  • Large filament wound and pultruded pole and tube


Mr. Blotteaux has been awarded several US and international patents. He has been an adjunct faculty member and research advisor at Western Washington University since 2005.

Ray holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University in 1992 and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1985.

Ray spent 8-years in the US Air Force as an aerospace engineer with experience in structural design, process development, flight test, and battle damage repair. He served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm.


Donna Blotteaux – VP Operations

Donna Blotteaux is the VP of Operations for TCE; she is responsible for the business operations of the company as well as an experienced composites technician.

Donna’s background in bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable allow her to handle all of the day-to-day business operations as well as dealing with project planning, scheduling, customer, and vendor communications.

She has an extensive background in traditional model making and pattern work for many of the projects we tackle that do not have CAD models, working with clay, silicones, and urethanes to create molds and prototype parts.

Donna has been working with VARTM, prepreg, and RTM processes since 1995 and is our go to person for technology transfer and training of new technicians.

Her attention to detail on business operations and part fabrication alike has allowed TCE to grow and evolve over the years.

A native England, Donna has been in the US since 1992 and a US citizen since 2002.


Matt W. Maher Peterson

Matt Maher Peterson has been the senior data systems analyst at Transition Data and Analytics since 2011. Matt has over 10 years of designing data driven solutions for various industries including UAVs and energy management.

Matt’s diverse background has made him proficient in designing Data Management Systems, from the point of physical collection to its use for complex decision-making in demanding environments.

Prior to joining the Transition Engineering team, Matt worked as a technical analyst in the UAV industry.

  • Technical Analyst and Mechanical Engineer, Sagetech Corporation, White Salmon, WA
  •  UAV analysis conducting in-flight studies, failure mode analysis
  •  Mechanical Engineering support for electrical UAV systems
  •  Integration and testing of UAV mechanical/electrical systems


Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington.

Matt was awarded a meritorious award in the National Mathematical Modeling Competition held annually for his work creating data-modeled irrigation systems.

Matt is an avid outdoor enthusiast and spends his leisure time enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest for all it has to offer, from sailing the inland waters to climbing and skiing the North Cascades.


Jason Hudson

Jason has been part of Transition Engineering since early 2011. As Lead Engineer, he is involved with all aspects of product and process development and mentoring new engineers and technicians. From turning initial ideation sketches into 3D CAD models and those CAD models into physical parts, whether they be molded or machined, Jason’s multifaceted skillset makes him a valued member of our team.

Jason’s diverse background includes aluminum sheet metal design and fabrication, welding, manual and CNC machining, and experience with various plumbing and electrical systems. With composite, marine, and automotive industry experience, Jason’s background allows him to bring a fresh and welcomed perspective to many of the challenges encountered in new product and process development.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology and Vehicle Design from Western Washington University. While at Western, Jason was heavily involved with the University’s Vehicle Research Institute and was captain of their SAE Mini Baja team for two years.

A native of Bellingham, Washington, Jason enjoys spending his free time on various home renovation and urban farming projects. When he’s not digging in the dirt or covered in saw dust, Jason can be found camping in the San Juan Islands and chasing after the wily and ever elusive Chinook salmon.